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Dickens Aubourg

Dickens is a global change leader who specializes in increasing top and bottom lines through talent analytics for Al for HR and learning organizations.

Dickens is forward-thinking and values a practical collaboration with clients to realize the outcomes of building a culture of performance, learning, and innovation.

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Betty Dannewitz

Betty’s passion is to help people excel through high performance coaching and development experiences.

Betty explores what the client really wants and then builds strategies to help them achieve their goals.

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Harry Dunklin

Harry is globally recognized for leading sales transformations through organizational, sales management, productivity and performance.

Harry utilizes a variety of technologies and methods to impact near and long-term business objectives.

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Charlotte Anderson

Charlotte is a Performance Improvement expert who applies science-based theories and creativity to inspire both human and process improvements within organizations.

Charlotte believes in the combination of left- and right-brain thinking to approach the complexities of processes and people sides of organizational challenges.

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Robyn Barton

Robyn is an expert multimedia instructional designer whose love of technology enables her to design and develop creative training experiences.

Robyn uses gamification to design unique learning applications that are fun and memorable.

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Cary Harr

Cary is an expert instructional designer who specializes in innovation, strategy and design to create thoughtful learning interventions.

Cary has over two decades of experience in the design and delivery of innovative learning and performance
support applications.

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Stephanie Ellis

A dynamic learning strategy and project management expert.

Stephanie identifies her clients’ issues then designs custom learning and performance solutions that address the root cause.

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Jason Davis

An expert in Measurement, Jason identifies his clients’ strengths and blind spots and provides solutions to maximize or realign their teams.

Jason helps organizations use data to align their people strategy with their business strategy.

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April Hennessey

A multi-faceted graphic designer whose work delivers impactful strategic solutions

April is a Graphic Designer who partners with Instructional Designers to create assets that improve learner experiences and engagement.

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Traci Keller

A global expert in Project Management and Quality Assurance.

Traci has worked on many types of training projects.

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Anthea Schroder

An Instructional Designer Dedicated to Delivering Training Methods That Benefit Her Clients Wellness and Growth

Anthea is a strategic Instructional Designer who creates success-driven learning environments that are both visually
intriguing and operable.

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Margie Meacham

An Instructional Designer Utilizing Innovative Learning Strategies At The Cross-Section Between Brain Science And AI.

Margie specializes in helping organizations apply the converging sciences of neuroscience and artificial intelligence to develop talent and enhance performance.

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Joyce Wietrecki

An Expert Instructional Designer And Leadership Consultant Who Specializes In Experiential Learning Techniques.

Joyce is an expert in optimizing talent, building capabilities, developing skills, and increasing employee engagement through custom design and development.

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J.R. Olivero

Change Management Expert Who Skillfully Refines Operations To Be More Productive And Efficient

J.R. specializes in strategic communications, organizational change, instructional design and media production.

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Patrick Manuel

eLearning Development And Instructional Designer With Over 18 Years Of Experience In A Breadth Of Industries

Patrick successfully manages training programs from early development, through deployment, to post roll-out support by leveraging technology and strong communication.

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Anthony Griswoldl

An Innovative Leadership And Organizational Developer With Global Experience Within Fortune 500 Companies Start-Ups and Non-Profit Organizations

Anthony specializes in partnering with clients to co-create and reinvigorate their leadership, talent and learning strategies, processes and programs.

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Kris Mclntosh

It’s time to think differently about learning. It’s time to start learning differently.

Kris specializes in instructional design and development, editorial and quality assurance, and media.

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Jose Acevedo

Global Industrial / Organizational Psychology Expert who uses full-cycle workforce strategy interventions for planning, executing, and measuring results

INSPIRE. BUILD. LEAD. IMPACT. Jose focuses on strategic roadmaps that help organizations reach their people orientated goals.

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Kathy Koultourides

Instructional Design and Sales Enablement Specialist

Kathy is a specialist in needs assessment, planning, and instructional design, development, ouput and outcome.

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LaKisha Brooks

Award-winning trainer with 20 years of public speaking experience

LaKisha Brooks, M.S.,M.Ed.,CDP: talent management and organizational development consultant with 20 years of public speaking experience.

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Dr. Aundrea T.Harris

I/O Psychologist and Leadership Expert who transforms leaders to impact their WHOLE selves

Dr. Harris finds the missing link between where leaders are and where they are destined to be through utilizing growth resources.

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Larry Bograd

Experienced Instructional Designer with Extensive Creative Credits

As a solution architect, Larry can develop learning programs and manage strategic leadership training that positively impact all employees.

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Jon Kaplan

Learning Strategy + Chief Learning Officer Who Aims To Expand Economic Opportunity Through Inspired Learning

Jon Kaplan is an expert in onboarding, upskilling, and professional development for organizations at the 5,000 – 10,000 employee level.

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Keith DeFreitas

Learning Strategy and Process/LMS Expert Who Measurably Improves Individual, Team and Organizational Performance.

Count on Keith DeFreitas to bring out the absolute best in every team member.

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Ardell Thornton

Training Delivery/Facilitation Expert Who Achieves Stellar Outcomes Through Active Participant-Centered Methods.

Ardell inspires participants to retain what they’ve learned
and apply it to achieve greatest performance.

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Denise Leitner

Exceptional Instructional Designer With Superior Skills In Project Management

Denise Leitner’s clients greatly appreciate her stellar time management and commitment to quality.

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Grief in the Workplace: Beyond Policy

With expertise in Instructional Design, eLearning, Performance Improvement, and Project Management, Michelle breaks down how to handle Grief in the Workplace.

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Jim Caruso

Talent Development and Business Simulation Specialist – Graphic Resume

Jim (MBA, CPA, MSHRD, CPTD) is an experienced global talent development, business simulation, and executive education leader.

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Shelina Pabani

Master Facilitator and Leadership Development – Graphic Resume

Shelina Pabani is a master facilitator with 20+ years of experience leading large scale Learning Organizations.

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Leesa Wallace

Expert Leadership Development and Learning Strategist

Do you have ineffectual managers doing damage to your business? Leesa is a master at leadership development, learning strategy, and has a proven method for building better leaders.

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