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SkillSource Learning Partners has the knowledge, expertise, and drive to get your organization the results they need to succeed. From leadership development to executive coaching, we offer training and support in a multitude of focuses. With the help of our expert consultants, let SkillSource help you deliver results.

Instructional Design Consulting

Learning Experience & Instructional Design Consulting   Instructional design consulting is the title used to describe professional consultants that work with companies to improve their training. Instructional and learning experience design for corporate training has become a popular way for employees to learn information or skills vital to their jobs. Also known as instructional systems ...

What is Sales Enablement Consulting?

What is Sales Enablement Consulting? Sales enablement consultants help in multiple ways. The evolution of the modern sales organization is characterized by the desire to downplay “features and benefits” and elevate conversations that promote value. Companies whose products are often commoditized have been pressured to reinvent their solutions as critical links in their customers’ supply

Leadership Development Consulting

Areas of Expertise: Leadership Development Consulting Management often sets the standard for the rest of an organization. Everyone from middle managers to senior executives are expected to lead their subordinates. However, leadership is a skill and not everyone is born a natural leader. A leadership development consultant teaches managers the necessary skills so they can

Industrial/Organizational Consulting

Industrial/Organizational Psychology uses parts of general psychology and psychological theory to improve organizations professionally. This type of service or consultant is commonly referred to as I/O psychology but is rarely referenced outside of a workplace setting. Industrial/Organizational Psychology got its start in the early 1900s making a name for itself during World War I and

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching Types Within executive coaching, there are many sub-categories or specific areas of focus. While some coaches offer general executive coaching, if you are looking to improve a certain skill you are better off looking for a specialized coach. Below are a few different coaching types that can fall under the umbrella of executive

Learning Strategy

Learning Strategy What Are Learning Strategies? A learning strategy is essentially the actions and intellectual processes an individual relies upon when attempting to complete a task. Learning strategies are different tactics that are utilized throughout the learning process. Although individuals often absorb information and obtain skills differently, there are specific techniques that can be used

Project Management and Change Management Consulting

Project Management and Change Management Consulting Change management consulting helps organizations navigate the changes they’re likely to undergo over time. When launching challenging initiatives in order to meet key, business-critical objectives or responding to an emergency with new policies or procedural shifts, bringing in a SkillSource consultant project manager or change manager can make the

Learning Management System Administration and Strategy

A learning systems consultant can assist with selection, implementation, and support.

Organizational Development

Organizational Development What is Organizational Development? Organizational development is the use of management processes, strategy, structure, metrics, and rewards to create and promote organizational effectiveness within a business. The organizational development process is typically used to grow HR but can be used to help all departments within a business. The Organizational Development Process Cycle The

eLearning Consulting

What is eLearning? eLearning is short for electronic learning and the term first appeared professionally in 1999. eLearning only exists because of the rise of the Internet and affordable digital devices. Without those two basic blocks, the rest of eLearning could not develop. Learning management systems and forever advancing multimedia capabilities have allowed eLearning to

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are not new concepts, but they remain absolutely critical pillars of any successful business. Creating diverse and inclusive workspaces creates a sustainable environment built around respect, learning, and acceptance. These features are all worthy goals for any workplace but achieving a genuinely harmonious culture ...

XR Learning Solutions (AR/MR/VR)

XR Learning Solutions (AR/MR/VR) Not but a few years ago, the idea of technologies like augmented reality in the workplace was novel. Augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality were all considered budding technologies. Though many experts speculated they would revolutionize our world, the technology hadn’t caught up to their vision just yet. But if ...

Learning Experience Design

Learning experience design, or LXD, has roots in the field of design but has grown into an interdisciplinary practice. Elements of design such as user experience and interaction design have been incorporated with aspects of the field of learning such as cognitive psychology and instructional design to build a new and innovative form of teaching

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