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What makes SkillSource Learning different from other consulting firms?

Our focus is partnering with clients to deliver exceptional—yet cost effective—results that have a lasting business impact on the organization. We do this by:

  • Providing multiple options, depending on your needs, timeline, and budget.
  • Providing industry expert consultations and advice to help ensure you have the right solution for your needs.
    Ensuring your project is staffed with an experienced, highly competent, and thoroughly vetted consultant.
  • Staying engaged with you throughout the project to ensure you are satisfied with the products we are delivering.
What makes your consultants different from those at other consulting firms?

We have an extensive consultant pool of highly qualified candidates ready and available to partner with you. Our SkillSource Learning Assessment for Success methodology enables us to provide you with consultants who have the right skills, attitude, and cultural fit for your project.

What do you do to ensure that my project is successful?

Before your project begins, our relationship managers work with you to understand your business requirements and the desired outcomes. Using this information, we reach out to our consulting network to determine the most appropriate fit. Once the candidate has been selected, SkillSource Learning conducts an internal transfer of knowledge kick-off meeting to ensure the consultant or consultants are brought up-to-speed on the project. And, unlike other consulting firms, we stay engaged with you and the consultants throughout the project, providing you with weekly project updates and ensuring your overall satisfaction.

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