Areas of Expertise

Sales Transformation and Enablement

The evolution of the modern sales organization is characterized by the desire to downplay “features and benefits” and elevate conversations that promote value. Companies whose products are often commoditized have been pressured to reinvent their solutions as critical links in their customers’ supply chain.  And yet, transforming entire sales organizations from transactional selling to value-based and strategic selling is a journey many companies are ill-prepared to navigate.

A sales transformation often begins in one of three ways:

  • Numbers are not meeting expectations and the C-Suite greenlights the initiative.
  • A new sales leader enters and has been called upon to make some changes.
  • Companies merge and the more sophisticated sales organization carries the torch for optimization and improvement.
Sales Transformation and Enablement

For those companies who haven’t successfully made the case for full-scale transformation, it is common to implement a sales enablement function that is tasked with incremental changes and one-off projects. This responsibility is usually tacked on as “additional duties” for Sales Operations, L&D, and even sales leaders. Sadly, without executive sponsorship, proper expertise, and company-wide commitment, these ad hoc sales enablement efforts are rarely successful.

The Sales consultants at SkillSource Learning Partners are equipped to advise clients on matters of sales effectiveness, no matter where they fall on the Transformation and Enablement spectrum. If you recognize that a change is in order for your sales organization, but aren’t sure where to start, it’s a perfect time to contact us. We can quickly identify gaps across your sales function, and advise you which changes to make to achieve your target business results. Sold on the idea of a comprehensive, global sales transformation, and need a team to scope and execute? We’ll assign a Senior Consultant to take the lead, and execute from there.

Activities That Our OD Consultants Typically Perform


  • Diagnostic assessment of your sales system and culture.
  • Interviews with your primary stakeholders.
  • Surveys of your sales team.
  • Benchmarking and analytics.
  • Interpretation of data and recommendations.


  • Sales process design and buyer journey alignment.
  • Talent optimization, organizational effectiveness, and new program development.
  • Sales Compensation and benchmarking.
  • Cost containment and territory optimization.
  • Development of customized playsheets, playbooks, and sales kits.
  • Commercialization and go-to-market strategy.


  • Executive briefings and keynote speaking.
  • Upskilling of sales and sales leadership for custom and off-the-shelf content.
  • Adoption strategy and change management.
  • Sales coaching and performance evaluation.