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Social Learning Theory in the Workplace

Many enterprises are abandoning more traditional learning methods in favor of social learning strategies that utilize online learning, mentorship and social learning. Executives are finding that social learning is an easier and faster way to change undesirable behaviour, build a positive and productive work ethic and enhance employee skills. While there is still a need ...

What Is Resource Capacity Planning?

Enterprises are dealing with a highly volatile market in 2021, and resources are scarce. With resources being the most expensive elements of any business, it’s important that enterprises manage their resources carefully and efficiently. Many businesses don’t have  dedicated resource capacity planning tools, being forced instead to use legacy systems and old fashioned legwork to ...

Remote Work Policies – Drafting Remote Policies

Remote Work Policies – Drafting Remote Policies

What is a Remote Work Policy? Many companies from different industries are now realizing that offering more flexible work schedules and allowing remote work can offer many advantages. Remote work policies are employer-employee agreements that clearly outline when and how team members can work from different locations instead of coming into the office. Having a