Areas of Expertise

Technical Writing

It’s critical to have an expert Technical Writer on hand when developing any content that requires a high level of detail and skilled level of understanding such as:

  • Company Processes & Procedures
  • User Manuals
  • Documentation

Their ability to distill complex information into an accessible, professional set of direction make successful onboarding and new product development possible.

Don’t have a full-time writer on staff? We can help. SkillSource Learning’s writers refine the most complex processes into intuitive and easy-to-follow instruction. When you’re ready to get your technical documentation up to speed, contact us!

Technical Writers

Activities That Our Technical Writers Typically Perform


  • Becoming a subject matter expert on writing topics through interviews and process/product use.
  • Getting to know the Audience the documentation is meant to inform to create the most impactful content.
  • Choosing the best style, type and user experience to best showcase the process or product.


  • Meticulously writing Technical Reports, Manuals, Emails, Proposals, Specifications, Datasheets, Guides, Handbooks, Standard Operating Procedures, etc.
  • Formatting the documents clearly with the appropriate graphics to engage the audience most effectively.