Areas of Expertise

Change Management and Project Management

Many organizations launch challenging initiatives in order to meet key, business-critical objectives. Whether your needs are for a change management (CM) professional or a project manager (PM), SkillSource Learning will work with you to ensure your key initiatives remain poised to reap your envisioned rewards. 

With industry-leading CM and PM methodologies and broad consulting experience, SkillSource Learning will quickly earn the role of your trusted advisor.

Activities That Our CM and PM Consultants Typically Perform


  • Aligning projects to business goals.
  • Defining strategy.
  • Identifying risks and potential obstacles for key stakeholders.


  • Building comprehensive Change Management or Project Management plans.
  • Creating timelines.
  • Creating Communications plans.


  • Managing teams, budgets, communications and/or deadlines.
  • Identifying gaps and solutions to address areas of resistance.
  • Communicating clear objectives and the “how” of meeting each objective/deliverable.